Personal Development

Wrapping Up 2020

Year-end is the perfect time to reflect on accomplishments achieved since January. It’s also an important time to put things into perspective as we turn the page and start a new year. What We Learned With so much change in 2020, the opportunities to learn have been...

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The Power of Listening

Now, more than ever before, the act of listening is important. Not only is it important to listen to someone, but to effectively listen to them. Sure, we all know that in order to understand individuals, to connect with them and understand their wants and needs, we...

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Time to RISE

I have just returned from 2 wonderful conferences, “Summit” and “Scaling New Heights” in Orlando. Yes, I travelled safe and the hotel was over the top in providing PPE. There were 350 attendees in a 2000 room hotel.  Basically, we had the place to ourselves. This...

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