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About MKBA, Inc

Let us take the stress out of your business financials with transparency, acceptance, and accountability.

You can come to us with a shoebox of receipts and not worry about being judged or feeling like you’ve done something wrong.

Go from feeling overwhelmed and confused in your business to being confidently compliant in your financials. Contact MKBA, Inc. to get started.

More Knowledge…Better Application

About MKBA, Inc CEO Bernadette Amos

Bernadette Amos is the owner and CEO of MKBA, Inc, a CAS Practice for small and mid-sized businesses. She is incredibly passionate about the science of numbers and making things balance, so it’s no surprise that she loves helping her clients figure out their numbers and getting them back on track to success. Not only is she an expert at handling numbers, Bernadette also has an eye for observing and refining procedures and workflow, and streamlining tasks for businesses across various industries.

MKBA, Inc provides a large variety of accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and advisory services to businesses across all industries. MKBA, Inc also provides many services for QuickBooks, including consulting, training, installation, setup, troubleshooting, assistance, and more. Bernadette is an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor® for QuickBooks Desktop, an Advanced Certified ProAdvisor® for QuickBooks Online, and a TSheets Pro.

"We would be a mess without Bernadette to keep us in order"


"We have had the honor, the privilege, and the joy to work with Bernadette Amos. For years now she has been our bookkeeper extraordinaire and has successfully managed to keep our books in order, tracked our spending, and kept us out of jail.

Seriously, though we would be a mess without Bernadette to keep us in order. Every year our CPA tells us how great Bernadette is and loves working with her. One in a million she says, and we couldn’t agree more. Bernadette is so much more than a Bookkeeper, she is more like a really good friend that you would want to hire as your CFO.

There is a saying, you get what you pay for, and with Bernadette, that is absolutely true. She is worth every penny. We never have to worry about our books and if there is ever anything we need, whether we know we need it or not, Bernadette is always there and able to go above and beyond.

Karma Baker is expanding and with Bernadette, we are confident that we can be successful."

Arek Reeder
Karma Baker
1145 Lindero Canyon Rd. Ste.D3
Westlake Village, CA 91362

Reviews for MKBA, Inc

QuickBooks Consulting



"Complete knowledge of QB products. No problem too big or too small. Offers instant solutions to my problems. Sooooo very reliable. And friendly too!!"

Payroll Assistance & 1099's



"Bernadette Amos is always helpful with whatever we are working on. She is quick to respond to inquiries and completes any task for us quickly. I enjoy working with her!"

Bookkeeping & Consulting



"Bernadette Amos is the consummate professional. Her work is impeccable and flawless. Her experience and knowledge of Quick Books has saved me an abundance of money and time. What I admire most is the joy and passion she brings to her work. I have recommended her to countless other companies and colleagues to experience the organization and sanity she provides. I am forever grateful to have Bernadette on my team."

Payroll Assistance



"It has been a pleasure to work with Bernadette Amos. Whenever I need her she is there. We couldn't ask for better service."

QuickBooks Support, Consulting, & Advising



"Bernadette Amos does a fantastic job providing support with any issues related to QB. She is always very prompt to respond and answer any questions or resolve whatever issue I am having with the program. She is extremely knowledgeable and friendly!"




"Bernadette is extremely knowledgeable about Quickbooks and any question I have she knows how to answer it. She is expedient, professional, and always pleasant, even when I am frustrated because I'm not as knowledgeable. She always sees me through whatever I am facing."




"Bernadette is by far a bookkeeping savior! She is extremely knowledgeable, goes the extra mile and truly cares about your business. My last bookkeeper didn't share half of the things she has shared to me. I would highly recommend Bernadette to smooth and properly document your books!"

Overhauled our entire QB system for a busy Chiropractic office that had many vendor and patient contacts.



"She was beyond excellent. Bernadette was patient, kind, knowledgeable and extremely efficient. She has rescued our company from archaic systems, saved us $$ spent on our employees by eliminating redundant processing and restored my sanity as business owner and book-keeper. Bernadette was able to go back through a years worth of incorrect entries and clean them up for us. I would highly recommend her for anyone, be it a one-person company or a 500 employee enterprise! She knows it all!!!"

Step 1. Schedule a discovery call with MKBA, Inc.

Ready to stop worrying about your business financials? Schedule a discovery call here.

Step 2. Let's review your financials & create a plan for success.

Let's talk about what your business needs to get compliant and ease the stress.

Step 3. We take simple steps to get your business on the right track.

We guide you through each step to keep you accountable & your business compliant.

Get relief from financial stress and avoid long-term financial issues

CAS Practice Helping Businesses Like Yours

Discovered Fraud Saving the Client $6,300

Without accurate records kept for your business and someone who knows what to look for, your business can fall victim to fraud.

Found & Corrected a $10,000 Banking Error

We recently found a large banking error that could have cost the owners the entire business.

PPP and EIDL Applications Saved Businesses

By helping assist clients and others in preparing and submitting their applications, they were able to keep their businesses running.

Getting Clients Ready For The Future

by helping our clients move to cloud accounting and online platforms, they now have better tracking and reporting for their business. 

Working with a trusted financial team can help protect your business against accounting mistakes, fraud, and non-compliance with tax regulations. We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your financial records are accurate and up-to-date, and we identify and address any potential issues before they become major problems.

MKBA, Inc helps you avoid fines and penalties, and also protects your business against fraud. We implement internal controls and establish robust financial systems that can help prevent these issues before they happen or identify them quickly if it does occur. By working with a trusted financial team like MKBA, Inc, you can protect your business against financial mistakes and fraud, and avoid the risk of jail time or other legal consequences.