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About Bernadette Amos Thousand Oaks CAAbout Bernadette Amos

Bernadette Amos is the owner and CEO of MKBA, Inc, an accounting firm for small and mid-sized businesses. She is incredibly passionate about the science of numbers and making things balance, so it’s no surprise that she loves helping her clients figure out their numbers and getting them back on track to success. Not only is she an expert at handling numbers, Bernadette also has an eye for observing and refining procedures and workflow, and streamlining tasks for businesses across various industries.

MKBA, Inc provides a large variety of accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and advisory services to businesses across all industries. MKBA, Inc also provides many services for QuickBooks, including consulting, training, installation, setup, troubleshooting, assistance, and more. Bernadette is an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor® for QuickBooks Desktop, an Advanced Certified ProAdvisor® for QuickBooks Online, and a TSheets Pro.

Some of Bernadette’s recently completed projects include:

  • Assisting clients and others in preparing their PPP and EIDL applications.
  • Correcting a $9,999 banking error for a roofing business
  • Discovering fraud for a client where checks issued had been altered, saving the client $6,300
  • Introducing QBO to several clients for better tracking and reporting for their businesses

Prior to starting her own business, Bernadette was a Program Administrator for US Military Contracts at several different technology businesses, where she was responsible for providing scheduling, cost analysis and reporting per DCAA requirements. She was also responsible for streamlining reporting and developing and maintaining the in-house database from order placement to receipt.

Bernadette’s education is from Florida State University where she majored in Rehabilitative Sciences. When she’s not so busy with work, Bernadette loves to relax by watching shows about true crime, mysteries, and history on the television network Investigation Discovery. She is also a very talented musician who excels at playing the piano and organ and loves to sing!